What is an IP and how do I route my dial-up proxy?

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In this day and age everyone on the net is tracked and monitored like sheep on a farm. Cookies are stored on your computer and IP?s are logged leaving digital footprints of your surfing. This information will help you be one step ahead of the trackers.

For the people that don?t know what an IP is, its basically your computers address when you connect to the Internet. When you visit a site your IP is logged showing that you've visited the page. Cable/DSL users have an unchanging IP, which makes them more susceptible to tracking as opposed to a static (changing) 56k dial up user.

How this works is very easy. Basically what your doing is entering in another person or company?s IP that will be pinged (a ping is a signal sent out by PC machines to gather information about its connected user) instead of your IP when you visit sites.

Step 1
Connect to the Internet (as you usually do). Upon connection open up Internet Explorer and click on Tools; then click Internet options.

Step 2
Click on the Connections tab and highlight your connection device (netzero, aol, earthlink, etc). Once you?ve selected how you connect to the Internet click Settings. Another settings box should pop up.

Step 3
In the new menu that popped up you?ll see the Proxy Server box (middle of the box). First click on Use a proxy server. You can now enter an address (IP) and a port. Here is where you?ll put the IP of the other person or company that will get pinged instead of yours. Now you might be asking your self the question, ? Where the hell do I get a list of IP?s and ports?? Luckily the guys over at Cyber Army provide a daily updated list of user submitted IP?s and ports. You can view the list by going to Cyber Army and clicking on lists. Or you can click this link, which will take you directly there.

Now you just cut and paste the IP and port into your settings box, click ok; and do an environment check (Cyber Army provides a page that will test your environment). Once you have put the proxy into your settings box (clicked ok) and exited, click on the environment check link. If you get a page listing your stats then the proxy is good. If you get a dead page then the proxy is dead and you?ll have to try another. It may take a few minutes to find a working one, but trust me there are valid ones there.

Note: Proxies can, and usually do die after a while. It may be necessary after a few days to replace your proxy. If when you start up IE to visit your page and nothing seems to load, you have a dead proxy.

That?s all there is to it, stay safe growers.
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