How do I stabilize a clone hybrid?

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T1 (Hybrid clone) = (t1 x c1)
T, t, t1, and c1 are all variables of expression.

1. T1mom x T1male = T1F2
2. T1 x T1F2 = T1Bx1
3. T1 x T1Bx1 = T1Bx2
4. T1 x T1Bx2 = T1Bx3

5. T1Bx3 x T1Bx3 = T1Bx F2

6. Choose parents here at the T1BxF2 phase to be used as an out crosser (One may continue down this one more generation if that is chosen), or continue on and cross the selected parents together (Inbreed), make T1BxF3s, which should be stabilized for whatever application one wishes.

When selecting offspring, it can be complicated, especially with males, since there is so little to choose from concerning visually.
I make it a point to label all males, and to grow out their offspring, choosing which offspring is the most potent, and healthy. Also choosing a male for indoors > choose the shortest and healthiest, as well as showing potency in the offspring. As for which traits you are looking for, that is up to the breeder.

Also note, the original father used in the process above can be from the same hybrid family, but not from the same plant, different sex. If no male of the same is to be found. One would need to find a strain of desired trait/traits, the less genetic load the better. Cross it to the T1 mom, and use the seeds from that, to start the back crossing.

This is a model formula, and will not guarantee you that the final crosses will be special. It is here to be used to get you where you want the hybrid to be, and what one is trying to stabilize.
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