How do I roll a no spill pocket joint?

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Contributed by: JJonahJameson
Submitted: July 7, 2003

How to roll a no spill "pocket joint" in 5 easy steps:

1) Secure your things for rolling. A paper of your choice, the herb of your choice and something that can be your "tray" (preferably with a crease for a clean and easy transfer from breaking up to the paper. (I use magazine reply inserts)

2) Take your paper, fold the bottom third up and crease it lightly.

3) This is the important step; the one that brings it all together. Wet the crease of the paper lightly with your tongue. The object isn't to soak the paper so much as create the adhesive properties you're looking for. Too wet, the paper rips.
Repeat on the other edge. Wet your fingers, then quickly rub them mostly dry. This helps in the friction of the next roll...

4) Place your fingers at the ends, overlapping the wet spots and roll inwards gently. You should begin to see the "pocket" seals coming together. At this point you have a place to dump your herb - even in the bouncing car. Fill the pocket.

5) Fold the pocket over into the crease of the paper, closing off the pocket. Roll with your thumbs up, tightening the roll as you go. It takes some time to get it right the first time, but it will roll nicely. Lick, seal and twist the ends. Done and....

..Ready to enjoy
The best part about this is you can roll this anywhere, anytime in seconds. If you're on a road trip, the pockets you created and the twist at the end will hold the contents of that joint until you're ready to smoke with no loose bits of herb anywhere.

Bite off an end to smoke, or if you're more civilized, use a scissors and snip it clean. Enjoy.

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