Vegemite's seed germination technique (rockwool)

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(1) Soak rockwool cubes in solution of water and Nitrozyme at a rate of 20ml per 10 liters.

(2) Drain off excess water from rockwool cubes.

(3) Place small hole in the middle of the rockwool cube with match. Make the depth of the hole about twice the depth of the seed you intend to germinate.

(4) Place seed into this hole in the rockwool that you have made and gently brush across rockwool so seed is completely covered.

(5) Now place these cubes with seeds in a tray on top of a heat pad. Keep the temperature between 24*C and 27*C for optimum germination. Some strains may prefer it warmer, but this is the temperature for the majority of strains. Place a clear cover over the tray so you are creating a humidity tent. This retains much needed moisture.

(6) At least once a day, check the moisture of the rockwool cubes. If they need more, apply pure water with a spray bottle. Keep the cubes damp, but not drenched.

(7) When you see the plant just penetrate the surface of the rockwool gently remove the seed shell from the recently germinated embryo.

There it is. Hope you have as much success with this technique as I do.

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