Lucas' pollination method

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To determine pollination timing, start the male and the female clones under 12/12 simultaneously. Expect 3 to 4 weeks to elapse before you have pollen ready. Pollinate at this time, because seeds need 4 weeks to mature. A seed is mature when it is dark and hard, and does not crush when pinched.

The grower at a local medical club, did a test with Apollo in a bubbler using the above timing. They planted 3 distinct female clones and 1 male in the lid of a 10 gal rubbermaid, using 3" netpots. The male was reduced to a single branch, being sure to leave the large fan leaves to provide health and vigor. (If you let a pruned male get shaded out it can die, you must keep it well lit).

The top 6" of the male branch was bagged, using a brown paper bag with a clear plastic window. The bottom of the bag was taped shut completely, sealing to the stem. The top was also sealed, except one corner was clipped off, leaving a hole about the size of a dime. Pollen collected around the stem, in the bottom of the bag. There was no pollen escape from the breather hole. The grower would shake the pollen down into the bag, while pinching the breather hole shut, on a daily basis. After about a week of active pollen drop, the stem was cut off below the bag, and outside the room, the top of the bag was cut open. The male top was removed from the bag, which collected pollen sacks and debris still in the bottom. This excess pollen and debris was dumped out into a ziplock.

The pollen collecting bag was then carried into the grow and slipped over a single female cola and rotated around and wiggled a bit. This cola developed lots of seed. There was no stray pollination. Using a paintbrush and the ziplock of pollen, some selected buds on the other clones were pollinated as well. Again, no unexpected stray seeds. Of course oscillating fans, if you use them, should be off during painting and bagging. I do not recommend misting with lights on.
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