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Cannabis - Clearing the Confusion 4/23/2017 This show is a Discussion on the Fallacies that surround Cannabis and its use, and the information that is being presented is skewed and has been skewed to the Negative. When discussing Cannabis in media, the theme that prevails is one of negativity and derision. This show hopes to correct those mis-statements.
Cannabis - Not just For Smoking 4/16/2017 This show is a Discussion on the Other products that Cannabis Plants can offer. Not enough time is spent talking about what Cannabis AS A PLANT can help resolve. Whether it be bad skin or bad Walls,cannabis can be used in many ways to remove the toxic Petroleum products, and replace them with a "Green" solution.
Cannabis - It Just Feels Good 4/9/2017 This show is a Discussion on the Science and Understanding of Addiction, and how Cannabis can help curb people from opioids and other more harmful drugs. We also explore the ignorance that seems to always rear its head whenever progress finally appers to be on the horizon.
Cannabis - The Lies We Hear 4/2/2017 This show is a Discussion on the circle we seem to be going through in regards to Cannabi8s and Cannabis Legislation. We hear the politicians taking steps back into the darkness, all the while spewing the lies that they were raised on. Regardless of the true facts, we explore why this is occurring, how it is happening, and what can be done to correct it.
Cannabis - Some Celebrities Have Quit 3/26/2017 This show is a Discussion on The 'recent' trend of Celebrities "Coming Clean" and stating they have stopped their use of Cannabis. We explore why this may be occurring, now, with Cannabis being accepted across the states and countries. We examine the history that created these celebrities, and how they leveraged Cannabis to their advantage,being the "outsider" and "Rebel", and how those images can now be seen as detrimental to the Fight.
Cannabis - it takes the Edge Off 3/19/2017 This show is a Discussion on how Cannabis is taken out of Context by the folks that bring you your news, information. Cannabis takes the edge off of life, in a way that is safe and non-toxic for most concerned, yet it is the most reviled of substances. We discuss what it is, and how it can help.
Cannabis - Time to Chill Out 3/12/2017 This show is a The Muscial Interlude I have needed. I hope you have too.
Cannabis - Going Back Underground 3/5/2017 This show is a Discussion on the Legality of Cannabis, and the questions that are surrounding the New Administration in regards to Cannabis. While they have made their statements about MEDICINAL Cannabis as being "okay", The new Administration, as was feared and foretold on this show, is going to be cracking down on the Recreational Side. We examine all the aspects of this and where it would lead if it is permitted.
Cannabis - The War Begins Anew 2/26/2017 This show is a Discussion on The New Administration and the Direction they seem to be heading in regards to Cannabis Laws. We cover the understanding of the prior Administration, and attempt to explore the mindset of the incoming "regime". We can check the history of the players and realize that maybe we need to get back in the trenches, because the war is being started anew. However, this time its not just the Stoners and the Outcasts who appreciate Cannabis, its 29 states and the District of Columbia....Pandora Has Awakened..and let loose cannabis....
Random Cannabis Info 2/19/2017 This is a Discussion Covering Cannabis news you don't always hear on the channels or in the regular sources (hopefully).

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