How do I use cannabis in my favorite recipes?

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To me, most strains of marijuana can provide a wonderful tasting, secret ingredient to kick it up a notch, as Emeril would say. While my plants are still alive, I taste the plants' leaves to gauge the residual levels of nutrients within the plant tissue and to determine the amount of flushing time necessary to improve the flavor. The culinary uses of cannabis are practically endless, but there are a few pointers I would like to offer you:

Storing and using cannabutter is an excellent way to intoduce more THC into your diet without drastically altering the original recipes flavor.

If you are using low-grade leaves or other sour tasting material, it is preferable to soak it overnight in water to dissolve some nasty compounds.

Do not use lemony, skunky or other pungent strains in sweet dessert recipes. They are much better suited for appetizers, main and side dishes.

Do not use sweet and fruity strains in recipes that lack any other similarly sweet ingredients or your final results will taste dramatically different.

Do not overdose your recipes. Try not to dramatically change the balance of the listed ingredients. Two grams of good pot per serving is plenty.

Try to avoid high heat levels or long extended periods of cooking after you add your secret ingredient. This will help maintain flavor and potency.

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