Bunzboys 10 steps, for the cheapest way to make hash.

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High Everybody,

I just wanna show the people who's harvest comes at a time when they can't afford other methods,(like myself) the cheap way that I make a little hash from the trimmings I'd ordinarily throw out. So here goes.

First pic is of the ingredients you'll need

1 - 32oz clean mayonnaise jar.

2 - The coldest water that you can get (I take cups filled w/ water & put
them in the freezer 30 minutes before I start)

3 - 1 coffee filter basket w/ a coffee filter in the basket

4 - Roughly 1/8 - 1/4 oz. trim (Believe me that's all that will fit in the jar)

5 - (Not shown - too stoned) - a tablespoon for spooning out the weed.

Step 2

Fill the jar about 2 inches from the top with the water (I always throw in 3-4 ice cubes - helps keep the water cold & adds a little abrasiveness to the trim.)

Step 3

Fill the remaining space in the jar with your trimmings.

Step 4

Shake violently for 30 minutes.

Step 5

Let it Settle For 30 Minutes, roll & smoke a nice big spliff from the buds this trim was from to pass time.

Step 6

30 minutes Later the waters not as cloudy and you can see the trichromes on the bottom.

Step 7

Open the jar & use your tablespoon to remove all of the weed (this is what takes the time but GET IT ALL OUT).

Step 8

After weed is removed it may look like crap but boy will it bring you happiness.

Step 9

Hold the coffee filter basket in one hand and slowly pour the water into the filter basket.

Step 10

Remove the remains from the coffee filter and leave untill dry. An inexpensive and easy way to get a nice couple of hits from some otherwise trash for yourself & a friend. After all that's what stoners are all about,sharing.

Peace Bunzboy.
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