UncleBen's dollar-bill joint rolling method

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Original idea by: Uncleben
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I?m one of those people who can?t roll a joint with my fingers, got the same problem?

This method makes joint rolling a breeze, and after you?ve done it a few times, you?ll get the gist of rolling with your fingers.

First lets get out the supplies:

A dollar bill (Any paper currency should do, as long as the texture's close).

Papers (For beginners I recommend JtB 1.5 Cigarette Paper's, the length helps in learning and the glue used is better than most).

Marijuana/Tobacco (The better the product the better the doobie).

Step #1
Break up your Bud/Tobacco into fine little pieces; be sure to get out any seeds and stems. The amount used is up to you, 1.5's can hold quite a bit. Use small doses while learning and remember the product will roll and spread easier if grinded into a powder.

Step #2
You want to make a fold in your dollar at about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Fold your paper the same way at about 1/2 an inch (Make sure when you fold your paper the glue strip is at the top and facing you) and lay the paper in the dollar (as shown below). A good rule of thumb in this step is make sure the paper is aligned with the dollar for an even roll.

Step #3
Place your Bud/Tobacco in the paper, you want to be sure to disperse your product evenly to ensure a decent straight roll--too much in one particular spot will create lumps and uneven burning. Remember, your joint is similar to a wick, you want it as even as possible all the way through.

Step #4
Now you need to close the dollar with your mix inside. Don?t squeeze the product; pinch the dollar right above your Bud/Tobacco mix and While pressing upwards the dollar you want to distribute a firm even press throughout the mix.

Step #5
Allow the paper to roll around your mix, at the same time allow your dollar to keep moving upward. Try not to allow your joint to get loose; at this point firm pressure is a must.

Step #6
Now that you?ve gotten your joint rolled evenly all the way to the glue strip, your ready to lick your paper. Exactly the way you would a stamp, use your tongue to moisten the strip evenly all the way across the paper. This is not a slobbering contest; too much moisture in one spot across the joint will contribute to an uneven burn. After moistening the glue strip proceed to roll the joint until you run out of dollar.

Step #7
Take the joint out of the dollar. If one part or another is still a little moist you may want to give it time to dry, the even burn is essential for a good joint.

Step #8
Fire it up!

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