What is the paperclip training technique?

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So you want to Scrog but have no clones? Limited on space with that sneaky cabinet grow? Well don?t stress out!

The benefits of Paperclip training are:
1) More light reaching the centre of the plant
2) Shoots grow vertically off the stems
3) Controls the over all height
4) Stimulates stem growth by bending the stems (stress's the inner herd, causing it to grow stronger and bigger)
5) Increase in overall yield

This process starts early in plant development. Begin training when you have either FIM, pinched, or topped your plants. I firmly believe in FIMming and have had excellent success doing so. But the first step is to get paper clips that have plastic coatings. You do not want to get ones that are silver as they create hot spots and will hamper growth. Bend them straight out -- they will be about 3? in length. You then bend the first inch into a hook so you have what resembles a walking cane, but with a paper clip. You then proceed to bend the stems down parallel with the medium. You should end up with a ?T? when you?re done. You?re going to continue to train the stems parallel with the medium until you want to begin flowering.

When you do finally decide to induce flowering, all the training will pay off. What would have been your tiny and airy bottom buds. Will now turn into nice, photogenic colas.

I recommend and use ESU Greenleaves: Boost Juice, I find it improves vigor and vegetative growth rates.
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