What is Earthjuice catalyst and how do I use it?

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What is Earthjuice catalyst?

Derived From Oat Bran, Kelp and other organic ingredients. Listed by OMRI for organic production. Stimulates growth and production. CATALYST offers an array of natural occurring enzymes, hormones, vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, sugars, plant acids and surfactants (wetting aids) that will aid in stimulating plant growth and production. It can be applied by watering in as an additive, or used as a foliar feed. Improves growing mediums, encourages compact growth, increases yields, improves synthetic, organic fertilizers, and teas.

Earth Juice Catalyst foliar feeding instructions:

* The best temperature is about 72 degrees (when stomata on the underside of the leaves are open); at over 80, they may not be open at all. So, find the cooler part of the day if it is hot and the warmer part of the day if it is cold out.

* Use a good quality sprayer -- should atomise the solution to a very fine mist.

* Always be sure your light is off and cool before foliar feeding! For extra safety, wipe your bulb with a dry cloth after spraying and make sure H.I.D lights are raised to a safe distance (double the distance is a good rule of thumb) to prevent burning.

* Make sure the PH is between 7 and 6.2.

* Spray leaf surface -- the tops and the undersides -- until the liquid begins to drip off the leaves. Stop spraying 2 weeks before harvest -- use sparingly on bud sites.

* Dispose of excess spray after 3 days storage.

* Let mix stand for 24hrs before feeding.

* Spray one time a week every week.

* Use 4 tsp per litre.
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