My images won't upload, what?s going wrong?

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The reasons:

Your image is not in jpeg or gif format.
Your image exceeds 150000 bytes.

Let's fix it:

Step 1)
Download AcdSee 4.0 from here and install the program. I chose this software for OverGrow Users who have a simple dial-up connection-- only 10.2 mb.

Step 2)
From the top menu click File then Open (the Windows dialog box will open to "Browse"). When you have located and selected the required image click on "Open" in the dialog box.

Step 3) **Convert format**
Now your image is in the AcdSee program. To convert the format, select "tools" from the top menu, then the "Image conversion format" option, now choose your format-- jpeg or .gif.

Step 4) **Resize the image**
Select "tools" from the top menu, then the "Resize" option; now resize your image to less then 1500000 bytes.

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