How much should I spend on a digicam?

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Please note: Prices are shown in US $ -- currency conversions can be made here.

Choose any camera under $500 if:

You will use it mainly for exchanging snapshots over the Internet, for creating quick and simple advertising photographs, or for creating photographs of record for valuable possessions.

Choose a camera between $600 and $2,000 if:

You are serious about your photography, want some control over creation of the images and expect to make prints on a printer capable of "photo quality" reproductions

If only the best will do:

The introduction of the Nikon D1 resulted in a precipitous drop of price for the prior kings (the Kodak/Nikon/Canon hybrids), which had been up around $15,000. Fuji Film released a competitor to the Nikon D1 the FinePix S1 Pro , and Canon released their EOS D30 .


(1) Purchase the least expensive camera that will do the job today. Re-sales of rapidly evolving digitals are very disappointing, and you will likely be trading up sooner than you might imagine.

(2) Make sure that your camera will be easy to connect to your computer, so that you can "process" your "film." A USB connection is much better than one for use on a serial port.

(3) Digital cameras generally eat batteries like peanuts: be certain that your camera can accept an external power supply (AC power converter or battery pack).

(4) Check the software that comes with the camera you have picked out. You will surely want a photo-editing program, which is included with many cameras.
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