Memory-card information

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Positives: Uses CompactFlash Type II memory card slot. From 340 MB to 1 GB of storage. Reusable. Average of $0.60 US $ per MB.

Negatives: More fragile than other types. Recording tends to slow down as the disk drive fills up. Consumes more power.

CompactFlash Type I and II:
Positives: Widely supported by digital cameras. Reusable. Small and very rugged. Large capacity up to 512MB (type I) and 300MB Type II. Type I: average of $3 US per MB. Type II: average of $ 2.50 US per MB.

Negatives: Type II not as common as Type I. Requires a computer with USB or USB card reader for efficiency

Memory Stick:
Positives: Small. Usable in different type devices. Capacity up to 128MB. Average of $3 US per MB.

Negatives: Currently only found on Sony Products.

Positives: Compact and very rugged. Reusable. Capacity up to 1.2GB.
Data retention life of more than 100 years. Average of $5 US per MB.

Negatives: Expensive and used almost exclusively on professional cameras.

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