Is zoom needed?

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A "yes" answer here, means you can focus your attention on models with 3X zooms and above. Ignore digital zooms altogether, these are simply cropping systems and the same results can be obtained from any image editing program. Concentrate on true optical zooms, and particularly on cameras that offer zooms that "bracket" a standard focal length of 50mm (in 35mm equivalent). Zooms that cover a range of 35mm to 105mm offer a reasonably wide angle and telephoto. Be aware that a zoom covering 28mm to 84mm, also 3X, will give you a wider field of view in wide angle, but considerably less magnification in telephoto.

If the camera will be primarily used in a work environment, then this should also be considered. Some work-related photography involves shooting indoors, where a wide angle is preferable, such as a 28 to 84mm. Conversely, work-related photography done mostly outdoors may require a zoom with a greater magnification, such as a 35 to 105mm. Most mid-range and High-end models offer these type of focal lengths, and some go beyond 105mm.
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