Organic fertilizers, NPK values and amounts to use

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Here is a short list of common organic fertilizers, NPK values and how much to use per sq ft of garden.

FERT - (N-P-K) - Type - Use
Alfalfa Pellets (3-1-2) avg release 40g/sq ft
Corn Gluten (6-0-0) avg release 15g/sq ft
Compost (1-1-1) slow release 125g/sq ft
Bird guano (10-3-1 variable) fast release 25g/sq ft
Cow manure (2-0-0 variable) avg release 60g/sq ft
Horse manure (5-2.5-6 variable) avg release 20g/sq ft
Soybean meal (6-1.5-2) avg release 20g/sq ft
Worm castings (1-0-0) slow release 150g/sq ft
Kelp (1-0.2-2) fast release 15g/sq ft
Insect manure (4-3-2) fast release 35g/sq ft
Fish emulsion (5-2-2 liquid) fast release 1ml/sq ft
Cottonseed meal (6-2-2) avg release 20g/sq ft
Bone meal (2-11-0) slow release 25g/sq ft
Blood meal (12-0-0) fast release 10g/sq ft

Note: Bird and Bat guano have variable compounds and can be very rich in Phosphorous (Peruvian/Chile Seabird guano, for instance). Poultry manure is also more balanced. Worm castings and composts are low in nutrients and are considered more like soil amendments than ferts. Cow manure and Horse manure should be composted. Don't use fresh crap. Sewage Sludges shouldn't be used.

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