How do I water my hard to reach plants?

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As my seedlings were all females, I knew that my space was going to be overgrown. Recognizing I would encounter problems watering my hard to reach plants and not wanting to risk damaging the foliage, I created a milk jug and surgical tubing watering device just like a watering wand.

Materials Needed:

1 Empty and clean 1 gallon milk jug.
5-7' of 5/8" tubing (use whatever length fits your needs).
1 Razor or cutting device.
1 tube of water resistant glue.
3 or 4' of Bamboo or any other rod or stick.

Get a milk jug and cut enough of the top off so you can easily pour water into it but not so much that you cut into the handle. Cut a small star where you want the tube to enter the jug (Dont cut a star in the bottom of the jug as you wont be able to set the jug down when it is full of water). Cut it just large enough for the tube to squeeze through.

Insert the tubing into the star. Leave about a 1/4 of an inch of tubing inside the jug.

Glue the hell out of it. Glue it on the outside and on the inside of the jug. But be careful not to glue the tube shut.

Tape the tube to the rod. I recommend leaving about 6 inches of tubing to aid manoeuvrability when watering.

Note: For those who would rather not D.I.Y, A similar device used for watering inaccessible hanging baskets is available from your local garden centre; It consists of a telescopic lance with an on/off trigger that attaches to the popular 'standard Hozelock type' snap on hose connector.
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