KiDKiND's germination technique

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Pre-Germination Soak..


-Glass of (ideally 7 pH) water
-Cannabis Seeds
-Superthrive or other preferred formula (Optional)


Place your seeds into the Glass of this time you may add a drop of Superthrive, or whatever mixture you see fit.

Leave the seeds alone for a while (1 hour to 6 hours, whatever amount of time suits you...please realize that soaking for 6 hours rather than 1 could improve germination rates.).
Soaking loosens the shells of those really stocky seeds, and helps pave the way to a strong Cannabis Plant. Generally speaking, most seeds that float are worthless; those that sink are running candidates.

Germination Technique


-Tupperware Container
-Lightly Wetted Cloth, Paper Towel, and Napkin.
-Mild Heat Source
-Pre-Soaked Cannabis Seeds


Remove the Cannabis Seeds from their Glass of Water.

Place the seeds onto the Lightly Wetted Paper Towel (or whatever you decided to use. by the way...use common sense, don't try to germinate on wet cardboard.)

Place the paper towel into the Tupperware container then seal the container.

Place the Tupperware container on top of a heat source... I personally use my router, or use the top of the fridge or something else practical.

Finally, open the container once in a while and look for moderate condensation, this will relay that there is an adequate level of humidity...if everything is running smooth, you should notice "changes" within a few days to a few weeks.

When you notice the protruding taproot, it's time for soil. GOOD LUCK!
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