How do I configure a LAN proxy?

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LAN means Local Area Network, it refers to services like DSL and Cable internet. What can a proxy do for you? Proxies are basically internet disguises, they mask who you really are. This is useful considering such agencies as the FBI can easily follow you with your IP (Internet Protocol, sort of your digital signature online) number. Proxies prevent this. Now how to set up a proxy, i'll give examples for the IE (Internet Explorer) browser, as it's the most commonly used.

It's rather simple, first you go to Tools, then Internet Options.

Once there, you click on the "Connections" tab.

Now, at the bottom there's a button that says "Lan Settings". You'll need to click that, and you'll see a box that says "Proxy Server". Make sure you check that, and then enter the IP addy and port number from which you wish to surf. Proxy numbers and ports are updated daily at sites like:

Once you enter the proxy number and port you wish to use, click OK twice and you're good to surf. If you find that you are moving extremely slow, try using a different proxy as the one you are using may already be in use by several other people.

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