Nomad's blunt rolling method

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Its not easy to roll a blunt, it takes a few times to get that perfectly rolled banger.

Blunt Wraps:
By far, blunt wraps are the easiest to handle with. Just simply cut open the plastic and take it out. They should feel very moist, almost leathery in feeling. If you got a dry pack then soak it in water for a few minutes. Once its taken out you carefully un-roll it from the straw, make sure not to tear it because it is sensitive.
Take the blunt wrap and with two hands roll the paper between your thumb and your index finger. Size it up, i usually want the top of the blunt fatter then the end so i skew the paper a bit and lick the ends when im finished. Once you lick the ends and its all sized up to your liking rub the ends with your fingers (this creates heat which lets the paper fuse together). Let it dry for a bit.
Now.. the only part of the blunt that should be unlicked is the center of the wrap, use a wet q-tip of your tounge and wet under the inner flap of the blunt and press together. Now when this is done lick the top of the flap and let it dry for a few minutes.
You have choices, you can either just fold in the mouthpiece like a traditional blunt OR you can have some class and buy a mouthpiece,i prefer wooden mouthpieces.

Now for the fun part!
The blunt tube should be nice and dry, almost crispy. Prepare the ganja for some stuffing, take the sticks and seeds out and break them up nice and small. I use a sweetleaf grinder that makes the job alot easier. Take the weed and start packing, you can use your thumb as a stopper on the end of the hollow blunt (this wouldn't be necessary if you used a mouthpiece) and pack it down nice and tight you can use a pen and lightly pack it, be gentle so the wrap doesn't fall apart on you. Pack it to the top or fold it in if you wish, if you fold the tip in you should wet it and pinch with your fingers.. hold.. use your lighter and repeat until it closes.
For that slow and even burn it has to be just right. If its loose, pack some more weed in and if its tight roll it in your palms to loosen it up. I occasionally use some dry kif into the blunt, it makes an ordinary blunt more explosive!

And that my friends is all there is to it. I think all smokers should give it a try, it is a different experience.
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