How to build a self watering clone Stealth box

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How to build a self watering stealth clone box?

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This stealthy clone grow box allows growers to leave their clones unattended for extended periods?without worrying. The stealth box provides light and air circulation, and is self-watering.
Note: some light can be seen through the lid opening

Assembling the stealth box

1 large (hinged) plastic toolbox (Made from non recycled plastic) (9.99 from B&Q)
1 2ft double fluorescent light [with self contained ballast]
1 2m length of 1.5mm 3 core cable
1 13a male plug with a 5amp fuse fitted.
1 TRS gland to hold the cable tightly (a rubber grommet that prevents rubbing when running wire through a conduit)
The plastic toolbox shown is quite large and will hold approx 30 clones in jiffy pots.

Non recycled plastic will breath, which turns any moisture inside the box to a mist. Recycled plastic will sweat chemicals into the air, burning the leaves and damaging the new roots. Recycled plastics tend to be thinner than cast plastics, and light will show through the box.

Remove the lid from the box. Place the fluorescent fixture in the center of the overturned lid, and using the sides of the light fixture as a guide, mark the outline of the fixture onto the plastic.

Remove fixture. Cut any plastic ridges that the fixture touches, to allow the fixture to countersink into the lid and keep it from moving.

The fixture can then be attached to the lid by either bolting the fixture to the lid, or using superglue.

Once the light is fitted and attached, drill a 20mm hole in one end of the box lid (Power cable inlet).

Next fit the TRS gland (Rubber grommet) into this hole. Slide the power cable through the TRS gland and into the fastened light fitting for assembly.

Wiring up the ballast and plug
Strip the ends of the cable. The ballast terminals will be marked L N E or even L E N depending on the make of the light. (The ballast may have a wiring diagram on it)

The Red or Brown wire of the 1.5mm power cord should be connected into the connector marked L. The Blue or Black cable should be connected into the connector marked N.
The Green and Yellow cable should be connected into the connector marked E.

Next, wire up a male plug onto the other end of the power cord.
The Red or Brown cable connects to the right hand side terminal.(the terminal that holds the fuse). The Blue or Black cable connects to the bottom left terminal. The Green and Yellow connects to the top terminal.

Turn it on!
Fire the light up and close the lid.

Using the Stealth box
Put your clones into jiffy pots and place inside the box. Give the soil a thorough watering. Turn on the light, close the box and off you go.

Note: don?t be tempted to keep opening the box, because it will ruin the desired effect. You only need to check them once a day.

The fluorescent light warms the air inside the box, creating a convection, drawing fresh cool air through the lid opening. This cool air is warmed and moisture inside the box is vaporized, maintaining a high humidity level, and keeping your clones watered. Humidity averages 54% - 68%, temperature around 74F, depending on outside conditions.

Good luck!
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