How can I stop the smell of my smoking?

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Contributed by: The Phantom

The Phantom Smoke-Eater
How can I stop the smell of my smoking? Must be quick, easy and reliable...> The Phantom Smoke-Eater. This DIY anti-smell smoking device is useful for removing any telltale smoking smells.

Advantage: EASY to make and VERY RELIABLE!

  • Scissors
  • A sock
  • A plastic bottle (at least 600ml, can be up to 2L)
  • Box(s) of dryer sheets (also called bounce sheets)

    STEP 1.
    Cut the base off the bottle.

    STEP 2.
    Stuff the bottle with AS MANY dryer sheets as can be fitted.
    As a rule of thumb, 25 sheets should fit a 600ml bottle. Obviously, a 2L bottle will require a few more boxes of sheets. Fit as many sheets as you can! Go nuts!

    STEP 3.
    Place the sock over the bottle, starting at the base of the bottle so that only the mouth-piece is poking out the top of the sock. This prevents the particles from the sheets making a mess and adding to the stealth, as the freshly smelling particles dont escape and can still help filter smoke even when stuck on the inside of the sock. The sock also stops the bounce sheets from blowing out the bottom of the pop bottle.

    STEP 4.
    Take a hit of weed (its better than you use a 'single hitter' like a bong, or a smoke-less pipe) and blow the smoke from your lungs, into the mouth-piece of the smoke-eater. Smoke will come out the other end... DONT WORRY! this smoke smells sweet, like newly dried clothes (funny that)!!


    **I also recommend spraying some Odor Neutralizing spray to mask any escaping bong odors that might linger....
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