Soil germination problems

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You ever wonder why those seeds dont germinate? Here are some things that might stop your seeds from germinating in soil!

Too Wet
Seeds need to be damp, not wet for germination. Excess water prevents oxygen getting to the seed. Poorly drained soils may also cause soil fungus diseases. The condition of wet soils may be improved by adding perlite. which will aerate your soil.

Too Dry
A certain amount of water is essential for germination, so maintaining a constant soil moisture during the germination period is vital, cover containers with glass or glad wrap to prevent you soil drying out.

Too Hot
High temperatures result in excessive soil desiccation and injury to seeds and seedlings.

Too Cold
Cold temperatures can kill seedlings and prevent germination. Cool temperatures can result in slow, un-even germination, and attack by soil diseases. You may want to start your seeds indoors, before outplanting. Make sure planting dose not done too early, when it is stll cold and there is a frost hazard.

Planting Too Deep
This will result in delayed emergence. seeds may not be able to grow enough to reach the surface on the limited food storage within the seed. Soil temperature is also lower with depth. Plant your seed 1/2 and inch to an inch down for best results.

Planting Seeds Too Shallow
If you plant your seeds to shallow the seeds can dry out.

Soil Too Firm
Making your soil mix to firm can prevent oxygen getting to your seeds also drainage is also affected.

Soil Too Loose
Soil which is too loose results in too much air surrounding the seed, and they will not absorb moisture and will most likely dry out.

Soil fungus
Seeds may root or seedlings fall over. Overwatering, poor drainage and lack of aeration will increase the likelihood of this occurring. Plant seeds in sterilized potting mix, and make sure you containers are clean.

Non Viable seeds
If your seeds have not been stored correctly they can deteriorate. Look for dark brown seeds. Avoid and light colored or whitish seeds as they are not mature.

My favorite method to stores seeds is to place your seeds in a film canister, then fill it up to the top with rice, this will absorb any moisture, and either freeze them for long term storage or place in a dry, dark cool place for a shorter time period.
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