How do I build my own stash box?

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1 - silverware box $ 7.79
1 - yard monofil polyester fabric 140 $ 18.94 "thanks to NK for the tip"
2 - 1/2" square dowels $ 1.29 ea.
2 - 1/4" square dowels $ .89 ea.
2 - 1/2" x 1/4" decorative trim $ 2.97 ea.
1 - 9 15/16" x 9 11/16" single strength glass $ 2.00
1 - pkg. 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 12" flat hobby pine 2 pcs ea. $ 2.00
1 - pkg. 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 12" flat hobby pine 2 pcs ea. $ 2.25
1 - pkg. nickel screw eyes $ 1.47
1 - pkg. small brass nails $ .99
1 - small brass latch $ .99

Total: $41.58 (All prices $US)

The inside and the outside of the box. I removed the hardware and felt from the inside bottom. (that?s an 18" ruler in front of the box)

trim pieces (note the nice decorative trim)
Here are pix of the nails the eye screws and the latch. I have not installed the latch as of yet.

I scraped the glue (from the felt removal), sanded and painted the side where I will keep my kit and stash.

Floor pic and glass for the floor of the screen side.
(what a better album cover could one pick?)

A test fit for the floor pic the glass and the flatwood.the flat wood all cut to fit

Base of the screen frame all joined nailed and glued.

All glued up and trimmed out.

Screen cut to fit - gotta have a little to grab hold of for stretching

(Above) Frame all ready with the trim cut to fit just right. I smeared a generous amount of elmers glue on the frame, then placed the screen in the glue and then fit the trim on top of the whole mess, clamped and stretched the screen while the glue was still wet and then let it set over night (note the eyescrews for handles).

All done, dry and ready to test the fit (just taught enough to bounce bud off of)

A little too snug, so i had to sand on the frame just a bit.
Thats about it, other than putting the latch on it.
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