How do I roll a European-style joint?

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The joint in this FAQ is a European style joint ie; a cone shape with tobacco and a cardboard roach. This is for everyone who can't roll by hand very well, and don?t like to use rolling machines. I have a kingsize roller, but I find its a bitch to roll cones and also they always seem to come out so tight that its hard to smoke properly. This method doesn?t take any longer than a hand roll once you get the hang of it.

You will need:

  • Rolling papers (Thinner the better, I use king-size blue ?Rizlas?)
  • Some cigarette or hand rolling tobacco
  • A lighter
  • A credit card or something similar.
  • a nice bit of puff

  • Firstly lay your papers on the table and fill it with your weed.

    Get your cigarette/tobacco, you wont need a lot.

    Sprinkle tobacco over the weed.

    Tear a piece of your rolling paper package, about 1.5 x 1 cm. Roll this piece of cardboard into a tube shape.

    Place the card into the end of the joint.

    Take your credit card and push it down against the joint (Take care not to push too hard or it'll end up on the floor!)

    Carefully roll the joint over the card?s edge.

    Lick your finger and wet the gummed strip, then proceed to finish the roll.

    Take your lighter and remove the flint holder - this will be your 'pokey'

    Take the 'pokey' and poke the weed down to make the joint a bit tighter. Remember to put it back in the lighter when your done.

    Voila, a nice tight cone joint.
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