How can I mail ROOTED clones properly?

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Submitted: 05-06-2003

This clone shipping method helps us all share our wonderful strains of cannabis. Especially those strains that are not available in seed form anymore. This is my method that should give 100% success ratio sending rooted clones. Sending clones in this manner almost ensures that they will arrive intact and not crumpled....

What you need:

1- rubber exam gloves (don?t want the feds knowing your prints)
2- VHS Cassette protectors- I got for free from local blockbuster
3- toilet paper or paper towel cardboard roll
4- scissors
5- scotch tape
6- plastic baggies (I prefer the sandwich non-ziplock ones)
7- larger freezer bags- to put around cassette(s) afterwards
8- a padded envelope
10- a water bottle of distilled water


The first part is to take the cardboard rolls and cut them to size. I like to use the cassette case as my outline - decide how many will go in the case and how big the cardboard must be to fit inside ? remember to allow for some room for the bottom of the rockwool.

After you have cut the cardboard tubes to size, cut them down the middle

Now take a well rooted clone and put it inside the carboard tube ? wrap tape at the top and bottom to secure the clone inside the tube

Now take the protected clone and mist the bottom and top of it.
(spoonta66) .... try using an anti transpirant wax spray - it will make them last twice as long.

Take a baggie and put the protected clone in the baggie - with the leaf side near the top/opening

Roll the baggie around the clone. take the top.. fold down and secure ith tape.

Then lay the bagged and protected clone inside the cassette...

Lay as many as you can fit safely in a cassette case and then gently close it down....

Video cassettes work great; the plastic case protects the clones against damage and doesn?t allow the clones to slide around much.

Finally, I like to double bag the cassette cases to make sure no smell comes out....


I prefer USPS priority mail, it is 2-3 days guaranteed and starts at 3.85 per package. Overnight would work too.. I would NOT go slower than a 3 day method.

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