How can I easily store my freshly made Honey Oil?

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Submitted: 04-29-2003

Prepare your Honey Oil according to Phife?s extraction FAQ

These are pictures summarizing the Honey Oil extraction method; they are my pictures as I follow Phife?s instructions.

Now that you have your Honey Oil all collected, you?ve probably noticed your fine goo is really hard to handle isn?t it? I can?t imagine how people get the sticky stuff into those tiny vials!

Here?s my method:
Let the goo sit overnight to solidify, and finish any evaporation or butane it may have left in it.

Take some bud and grind it up as if you were going to smoke it.

Put some of that ground bud in your extraction dish or other surface. Using another razor blade, scrape a small portion of oil off of the main blade you used for collection. Press that little bit of oil on the blade into the ground bud, coating as best you can.

Using another razor blade (or the original collection blade) scrape the clump of oil/bud back and forth between the two blades until it falls loose and into the pile of ground bud. Poke and push the glob around in the ground bud until it is mostly coated and no longer sticks as well to the razor blade.

With your fingers sprinkle ground bud over the glob, covering it with herb; then gently pick the glob up and finish coating it well with herb and roll into a little ball with your fingers.

These little balls can now be stored in a film vial or other container with very little sticking - to the sides, or to each other. Put some of the remaining ground bud/herb in the vial with the balls for extra anti-stick action while in storage and handling.

The balls shown here are around .10 of a gram each. I would not advise making them any larger for single smoking situations.The little balls can then be plopped right on top of a bowl of herb; ash or you can still slice off little bits for hot knifing.
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