All you need to know about Mylar

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All you need to know about Mylar

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Submitted September 16, 2003

Mylar reflects about 94% of the light.
One of the best materials on the market for light proofing.

Mylar is a product that serves many purposes. The insulation industry developed this product to withstand severe temperatures. It acts as a moisture barrier as well as a reflector. The United States Navy uses Mylar aboard all of its Freight ships, Cruisers, and Destroyers.

Mylar comes in several different types:
  • White

  • Black

  • Metalized

  • Aluminized

  • Dimpled Metalized is available also.

  • Threaded Aluminized (reinforced)

  • What we OGer's are interested in is the obvious, we want to wrap our grow space, large or small, with the best reflective material available. Aluminized or Metalized Mylar.

    Mylar is a chemical resistant, polyester film that is mostly tear resistant depending on mil. The reinforced Mylar is almost impossible to tear. It can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius, Mylar is also electrical resistant and fire retardant.

    Unlike foil, mylar lays flat without the crinkles and creases if handled with care. Mylar WILL not create concentrated hot spots.

    Material Gauges are as follows. 001", 002", 003", 004", 005", 007", 010", 014".

    Most Hydroponic shops only carry 001" and 002" mil. Which is all you need if your using as a grow room reflector. Mylar can be cleaned with Windex, alcohol or any other mild household cleaner. I use an antibacterial hand soap with warm water.
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