How do I roll an Inside-Out Joint?

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How do I roll an Inside-Out Joint?

Contributed by: Chemicalburn
submitted: September 8, 2003

Inside-out or backwards joints are much cleaner burning, because they use less paper. With heavier papers such as Zig-Zags, you can taste burning paper in every hit. If you use less paper, it becomes less pronounced, improving taste. I have found that using thin papers with this method brings out the full taste of the bud.

  • 1. Pick your favorite papers. You may want to use a heavy paper at first, I find its easier to tuck thick paper under the bud. It is important that you can get it good and tight the first time, as you will not be able to wrap the paper around the joint again making it tight.

  • 2. Start off with the paper gummy side down, with the gum at the bottom. Fold part of the gum up so that you can tuck it in easier. Fold the paper in half. With most papers you will be folding against the crease. Open it back up, and fill it with bud.

  • 3. Now, you should start with your gummy side facing you. Roll the paper between your fingers as you would a normal joint, making the bud compact and even across the joint.

  • 4. Tuck your gummy side under your bud, making sure that is stays flat and does not fold.. It is very important that it is flat against the paper you've tucked it under. Bring the top non-gummed side over the joint.

  • 5. Hopefully you are left with something like this. Notice you can see the gummy side of the paper (indicated by the red area) through the rest of the paper. Your not done yet! Wet either your fingertips or your tongue enough that you can moisten this paper thoroughly, and get the glue to stick. This one side will be quite wet, but that's okay. Move a lighter across the wet side of the joint quick enough so it doesn't burn, but slow enough that it dries.

  • 6. You are left with anywhere from half to 3/4 of your original paper. Just cut/tear/burn the remainder off, twist the ends, and your through.

    Alternatively, if you are somewhere and cant get water, and the idea of slobbering all over the side of the joint does not appeal to you, you can lick the gummy side before tucking it under. This is a lot trickier, and may be hard to do your first try. Enjoy!
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