How do I clean my glass pipe?

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How do I clean my glass pipe?

Contributed by: HaZe05

Many people like to keep their glass pieces relatively clean, or enjoy reaping the benefits of scraping their bowels for resin to smoke. I can scrape my bowel pretty clean, but there is only so much you can get out. The end result is usually a pipe that wont look right until you get more resin in it to give it back its color. And every time you do this it gets harder to scrape clean because of the old stuff hardening.

If you follow this technique you can get your pipe as clean as it was the day you bought it every time, plus it will always be easier to scrape your pipe the next time.

  • Scrape your pipe as cleanly as you want, or not at all, some people don't enjoy smoking their resin so they can skip this step.

  • Fill your pipe with a teaspoon or two of salt, depending on pipe size. You can use regular table salt, sea salt (preferred) or rock salt.

  • Plug the head of your bowel with your finger or thumb, and pour rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, into the mouthpiece of your pipe.

  • Cover the mouthpiece with another finger or thumb and shake the pipe up and down vigorously but carefully, for a few minutes.

  • Dump out the waste and rinse thoroughly with tap water.

  • Repeat if needed until pipe is sparkling clean.

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