How Can I Tell When My Buds Are Dry Enough To be Cured?

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There is a number of variables to consider when it comes to drying-time: humidity, temperature, air-circulation, bud-density, bud-size, manicure/trim (or lack of), and the method of drying are all major factors.

Establishing an environment that promotes slow and uniform drying is key. Whatever drying method you prefer, maintaining cool temperatures and low humidity is essential for preserving flavour/aroma.

  • Using a fan assists in keeping temp/humidity levels constant.

  • Evaluating the "crunch" of the stem is a good technique when assessing whether or not buds are ready to be cured. When the stems snap, instead of bending, they are ready to be jarred and stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Another method of judging dryness is to bite the stems and evaluate the crunch this way; your jaw is more sensitive than even your fingers.

  • You can also grind/cut/break up a bract from the center of a larger bud, and roll a joint with it; if it is smooth-smoking, with even-burning properties, then the rest of the buds should be ready for curing.

    Once the correct dryness is attained, place the buds into an air-tight container/jar, filling it as much as possible to expel as much air as possible, and cure to your favorite vintage!
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