Clones in Stasis

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Submitted: 29-12-2003
cuttings in bagKeeping your clones in stasis by using your fridge is a handy way to both store them for future use or keep backups should there be some failure with your original cuttings. I have personally kept cuttings up to eight weeks using this method.

Simply put:

1) Take cuttings as you normally would, but with the one addition of leaving a longer stem, as you will be trimming this down further by at least half an inch when it is time to root them.

put in with Grey Poupon2) Place cuttings in a Ziploc bag (Tupperware can be used also.)There should be enough water in the bottom of the bag so that the stems are submerged. RO or good quality tap water should be fine. An inch or two should be in the bottom of the bag, keeping the stems wet.

Breathe some air into the bag, mainly so as not to crush the leaves and provide some cushion as they may get bumped about in the crisper drawer.

**Another variation on this is to simply put the cuttings in a water glass or jar (an ice cream bucket works well too -> basically, wide and shallow containers) and have them sit on the shelf in the fridge (stems also in water). This may or may not be convenient or stealthy for you.

3) I would recommend that you replace the air and water in the bag once a week. I have typically not bothered to replace the air or water at all for up to four weeks, but I continually come across this information and it seems like it cant hurt.

4) When you decide it is time to use your cuttings, remove them from the fridge and let them sit with their stems in a glass of water for half an hour or so to warm up as you prepare your cloning materials.

5) Cut half an inch or more off the stem to make a fresh end that you will dip in your favorite rooting hormome or rooting medium. I have found that fridge clones, if let to sit longer than a few weeks, will take longer to root.

This is fine for most since many are buying time with this method anyway. Clones older than 2 weeks will usually begin to root in 10 days and are mostly established by 14 days.

*Be sure that your fridge does not have a tendency to freeze your food. It should be stable. If your clones freeze, they will die. Happy Cloning.

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