What is a blunt?

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Presumably, you are already familiar with the common joint, and spliff. If these are the cigarettes of the pot smoking world, then blunts are the cigars!. They consist of a tobacco wrap, which has pot rolled into it. It resembles a cigar in appearance.

Why are they called blunts?
Conclusive info on this topic is hard to find.

What sort of pot should I use?
Preferably good, fresh buds. However this would equate to smoking about 20-50 dollars worth of weed. So many people opt to use cheap mid-schwag. It doesn?t taste as good, but it still packs a punch.

It should be ground up. If you use dry pot, you will get a much harsher, harder-hitting, cannon style smoke. If you use moister/fresher bud, the smoke will be much smoother, but also weaker. Dry bud will generally smoke quicker, unless the blunt is rolled so tight that there is almost zero air-flow (very frustrating).

What are the different types of blunts?

Wraps - Rolled from a prepackaged wrap (imagine a large thick, brown rolling paper). These come in many flavors, and in my opinion, are probably the easiest, and nicest to roll. They?re almost always fresh, and should be very soft and almost moist. If they are dry, or brittle, then you got a bad wrap.

Blunts/Cigars - Often times you buy actual cigars, usually shitty cigars. That's why they're called blunts. They consist of a very thin 'wrap' that is then wrapped with tobacco leaf, and look a lot like cigars. These are the true blunt experience, but are quite intimidating for beginners. Word of warning: Not for the faint of heart.

What?s the deal with freshness?
Always make sure you get fresh blunts and or wraps. They shouldn't be crisp. If you can push your nail into the side of the blunt/wrap, and the blunt isn't pierced, then they're probably fresh. If they're not fresh, there will just be a hole in the side where your nail was. If you can't work the blunt at all, without it ripping or breaking then it probably isn't fresh (assuming you haven't soaked the blunt completely, in which case it will also rip easily).

I?ve got a blunt, but it?s 3 years old! What do I do?
You can rescue a blunt/wrap by moistening it somehow. There are many ways to do this. You can lick it carefully. You can rub water on it. You can probably even give it a steam bath. Just make sure not to soak it, because it will become just as useless as when it was too dry.

What is a roach?
I like to roll up a little piece of index card in a 'S' shape, as a pseudo-filter at the end. Blunts are usually quite wide, and it is fairly easy to pull through a mouthful of pot, unless you have a roach.

How do I roll with a wrap?
Wraps are the easiest to roll.

1) Open the wrap, and take it off the plastic straw inside.

2) Lay it flat, with the jagged edge towards you. The inner side, should be facing up. i.e.: don?t try to roll the wrap against the direction it wants to be rolled.

3) Spread your ground up bud inside. Spread it evenly if you want a straight blunt. Or you can move more of the pot to one end, if you?d like a coned shaped blunt. This can lead to some very interesting looking blunts.

4) Now carefully roll the blunt between your thumbs and index/middle fingers, just like you were rolling a joint. This can be tricky, due the size. You should keep doing this until the pot inside almost sticks together as one big piece. Be careful not to overwork it, or else your blunt will be too tight, and near impossible to hit.

5) Next you can roll the blunt shut. Make sure the jagged edge is on the inside.

6) Smoke the blunt.

You can also attempt to roll the blunt around something like a marker or pen. Then you can put a roach in, and stuff the bud into the blunt using the straw. This is good for fitting a lot of bud into one blunt. However it can lead to blunts that are too tight and hard to smoke.

How do I roll with a blunt/cigar?

You're going to need some supplies:

1) Weed - 1-3 grams is good
2) Blunt - Phillies, Dutch Masters, and White Owl are all acceptable brands
3) Grinder (optional) - you'll need to break up the weed as fine as possible.
4) Tips/Roaches (optional) - index cards cut to 1-2 cm width work good here.
5) Sharp knife (optional) - you can use your fingernail, but it can be messy
6) Honey (optional)

There are two main brands of blunts that are usually least on the East coast of the US.

Phillies - They come in a huge variety of flavors (some are hard to find though), and generally are my favorite type of blunt. Often times, we'll roll an 1/8 into one of these blunts. They are shorter, but I usually manage to roll them very fat, as if they were cigars.

1) The leaf on phillies is generally hard to peel off in one long piece, so I usually don't even try (it's possible, just not that easy). In the pictures below, I managed to peel it off.

To peel off the outer leaf, I like to moisten (This is the only time you'll really get the blunt wet) the mouth end with my tongue. at that poing you can scrape at the seem and start to peel off the outer wrap.

On phillies, the outer layer never peels off easily unless you start scraping about 3cm from the end of the blunt.

After you get off the outer layer, you need to peel away the little bit of paper at the mouth end (as far as i know, only phillies have this paper)

2) Once you peel off the outer layer, take note of where the line on the inside of the paper is. This is where the natural 'spine' of the blunt is. Usually you empty a little bit of tobacco out of the end of the blunt, and look for this line, because you want to cut along it. It helps to roll a nicer blunt.

Once you've found the line, just dump out the tobacco (it's trash now, and it sucks anyway).

Sometimes, after you've split it, you can just take off the leaf then, and you'll have a few separate pieces. This is good, cause you can use them as patches, in case your blunt springs a leak (happens a lot when you first start rolling them, or with not-so-fresh blunts).

3) Just take you're brown paper, and fill it with pot(usually, at least a gram). Then roll it up like a joint and seal it shut. Make sure the pot is ground up nice and good, and that there are very few hard stems in it. Also make sure you leave some space at either end, to put the roach in.

4) At this point, you want to put the roach into the blunt.

Note: If you bought a flavored Phillie, then you should take advantage of any leaf you peeled off. Take the pieces of leaf and lick and stick them to the blunt, so that it is completely covered. It's also possible to roll the blunt without ever removing the leaf. I used to do this a lot. If the blunt isn't really fresh though, the leaf will often peel off on its own.

5) At this point you should have something that is quite smokeable. However, if we just want to smoke, we would have smoked a bong. What we're aiming for is a work of art. This is probably the most crucial step to creating a blunt that looks amazing, and smokes like a weed cigar.

What you're going to do is start wrapping the outer layer around the blunt in much the same way it was wrapped on the original blunt.

To make it stick, usually you just lick the outer wrap and roll it around the inner part.

If you're feeling lucky, you can use the honey to stick the wrap, just don't use too much.

Note: It's also possible to roll the blunt without ever removing the leaf. I used to do this a lot. If the blunt isn't really fresh though, the leaf will often peel off on its own. I'd stay away from the method, simply because it's very sloppy.

6) Once you've done that, you can smoke the blunt.

Dutchies - Same as above, but not from Philadelphia. Usually are longer.

1) Peel off the leaf. The leaf on these peels off pretty easily if you just get it a little wet at one end(usually mouth end).

2) Crack the blunt. Since you can peel off the leaf on this stuff, you'll easily find the line to split along. Just split it and empty the tobacco.

3) Once you've done that roll it up in just the brown paper, so it's nice and tight, then lick it shut like a joint. It doesn't have to be perfect, but that is the goal.

4) Hopefully your leaf is still in one long piece. You should start licking it and wrapping it around your blunt. Do this until you run out. It's not crucial that the whole blunt is covered in leaf, but it's nice when it is.

5) Add the roach.
6) Smoke the blunt.

Phillies almost always look nicer than Dutchies once they're rolled, but both smoke well. Generally Dutchies burn slower. However a Phillie will burn a bit slower if you manage to peel off the leaf and re-stick it at the end, since you will be getting it more moist.

There are plenty of other brands, but those are the ones that most people seem to use in the mid-Atlantic and New England. If you have no access to either of these brands, then try to find some equivalent. Attempt to peel off the leaf. If the leaf peels off easily, then just roll it as if it was a dutchie. If it does not peel off easily, then roll it as if it was a Philllie.
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