How do I roll an *Astral Weaver* joint?

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Submitted: October 3rd, 2004

I?m not sure where the knowledge came from, but me and my buddy (JaySpliff) used to roll these whilst we were at university. They make for an outstanding smoke and you?ll sure to impress everyone with your spliff rolling skills.

I?m well aware that this joint isn?t for the first time roller, so for the basics on how to roll the standard UK style joint please see

My How to skin up, the UK way

photo1STEP 1: First you?ll need the full set of resources including; Papers, Roach, MJ (photo 1).

photo2Begin by taking 3 strips of roach card approximately 3cm in length and proceed to making 3 small tubes (photo 2).

photo3STEP 2: You now need 6 king size papers, as you will be using 2 papers per joint. Join the 2 papers as shown in the photo, (photo 3). Next you can remove a triangle of paper from the top of the L shape by folding on the angle, here you can lick the paper and tare or cut. Removing paper helps with the formation of the cone. You should now be left with the classic L shaped paper with the glue lines as shown.

photo4STEP 3: Now you have the paper and the roach tube you can go on to assemble the joint. Note: by making sure the joint is slim and firm but not tight, the formation of the weave can be made more manageable in later stages. (photo 4)

photo5STEP 4: When all 3 joints have been rolled to similar dimensions you can now continue by grouping all joints together by the roach end of the spliff (photo 5).

To hold all 3 joints together to make the forming of the weave easier you can wrap another piece of roach card, approximately 3cm in length, around the tips of the joints. Fasten this with a little sticky tape: (photo 6&7)

photo6 photo7

STEP 5: This is the tricky section of the roll and must be approached with firm but gentle hands. It is here where the slim firm cone shaped characteristics of the 3 joints will come into play. As you can see from the photos, I have rolled with 2 white joints and 1 green joint so you may see how the structure forms.

The green spliff will be identified as the MIDDLE spliff. The 2 white spliffs as LEFT and RIGHT. Hold the joint up right whilst rolling:

photo9 photo9

Proceed by over lapping the LEFT white joint over the MIDDLE green joint. Next, fold the RIGHT joint over the MIDDLE joint. Continue to press down the folds into place with a little adjusting and firming of the structure, but be very careful not to tighten the joints too much or they wont smoke well. Now repeat the process of LEFT over MIDDLE, RIGHT over MIDDLE, until the top of the joints has been reached. Once complete you can twist the ends together to hold the form and straighten up the overall weave of the Joints. This ?should? leave you with a fantastic looking spliff that is sure to amaze most.

This spliff looks gorgeous and smokes surprisingly well, you?ll be shocked at how high you?ll get - 3 nice joints in one!
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