How to clean your grow room after harvesting?

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Submitted: October 15th, 2004

Bug-bomb the room

>In-between grows, and after the room is 100% cleaned, unplug all electrical equipment and unleash a roach bomb. Flea bombs are ok too.

Evacuate the room for at least 2hrs and then put on the intakes and exhausts at full throttle for several hours. Then put in your fresh new clones and start the run again. Make 100% that any mother grow is sealed off from the bomb or you\'ll have them suffer, the bombs are phytotoxic.

As for the insect spray leaving a film - it's safe. I only remove the hoods and lamps as mist directed upwards would coat them. Anyway, I do it in-between crops every time -- even if no mites are seen. It's a preventative measure. The trick is to remove or cover up any plants. Not a drama when it's done inter-crop.

Dealing with waste

>Best way to deal with organic waste is to compost it, even if that means bury it in fertile active worm populated soil. It is the 100% stealth method. No one will ever know and it will improve your soil.

Never throw MJ roots in the bin because that's a danger to LEO.

Keeping your garden safe from external pests

>Rely on quarantine. Never go into a grow after having been outside pulling the weeds. Shower and put on some fresh clothes. Prevention is better than cure.

If you have to introduce new clone plants that are suspect, then cut a plastic milk bottle in half and sheep dip them upside down in a solution of AVID with an approved hort wetting agent, such as Agri-Soak 2, or WetterWater. Then mother-plant them to provide clean stock to run grow after grow.

Bleach btw best works to reduce the spore expression load from outbreaks of botrytis (bud rot) and pythium (root rot). If you've had a bad outbreak of that or a reoccurring problem, then swab down the walls and floors and wipe down the system, as well as run a rez with bleach. Dump, rinse and then set up the new run. Bleach is no use for mite prevention, other than for cleaning items bought in from outside.

Remember, mites will over winter (go dormant) in the cold months, so bringing in anything from the outdoors to the inside grow without a thorough clean could potentially unleash a fury of mites. I'm talking common outdoor items like a watering can, old pots, pieces of timber, bricks ect. Clean 'em before you bring indoors.
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