How can I add a glass shield to a reflector?

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Submitted: August 24th, 2004
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Adding Glass Shields to HPS reflectors

1. First of all, you'll need a Reflector with HPS of course I think that way of adding glass will be suitable for many kind of reflectors.

[Editor's note: Venus has used a batwing, but this technique can be used on many different shapes of reflectors, as long as there is adequate clearance between the bulb and glass. Large 1000w MH bulbs may not fit inside glass-enclosed reflectors]

2. That is all u need: Pliers, Sidecutter, "Philips" screwdriver, 5mm bit for making holes in reflector, 4 bolts, 4 "L" shaped brackets, a ruler, electric drill and isolating band (rubber/elastic tape). Note the bolts and "L" shaped brackets that I used.

3. Now, to make this done u will need a peace of glass. Take the ruler and measure the size of glass u will need. Hardware stores, windows shops, etc will cut any type of glass you want. Bring your measurements. I used regular, 1/8 (3 mm) window glass. Here is the peace they cut for me using sizes I gave them.

[Editor's note: most window/glass stores can make fabricate/cut tempered glass (high heat resistance, thin & light, but high cost), or regular plate glass (lower cost).

Tempered glass is preferrable for high wattage lamps, as their heat is extreme. Plate glass can crack under these hot conditions.]

4. Take the electric drill and drill 4 holes in each corner of the reflector. To make this, I used a 5mm bit.

5. Take the isolating band and cut it with scissors in half......I doing this because the width of the iso-band is more wider than the "L" shaped bracket. Now ,take that half cut iso-band and just roll over the "L" shaped bracket. That way, the glass will sit on a soft surface instead of a metal surface - protecting it against scratches, vibrations and slip over...

6. Take the bolts & brackets and screw them all together to the reflector......

Then, flip over the reflector and slide the peace of glass into it.

Here u can see how it will look with the glass sitting on the brackets and just below the bulb......I kept 1.5 inch (4 cm) between the glass and bulb.

7. After all dirty work is done, the final product looks gorgeous and will do the job it was intended to do......

With all stuff prepared before doing the job ,yuo can finish all this in about an hour ....
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