How do I make a Canna 'Omelette?

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Submitted: May 7th, 2003

Here is a nice recipe for all you Omelette lovers.

First prepare your CannaButter. I wont take you through this step as we have loads of instructions throughout the GrowFAQ

Ok what you need?
2or3 Eggs - I prefer 3 to get a big Omelette
Cheese (Lanchashire cheese if you have it)

Ok, get your jugs out (no pun intended). Crack the eggs and add yoke and white for all eggs in your Jug. Then add a pinch of salt, and a drop of milk.

Whisk until you get a rid of all the lumps. Then cut of a chunk of your CannaButter, amount depends on size of Omelette. Mix the CannaButter in along with your grated cheese.

Whisk again until you get a creamy paste.

(Note: Whilst your doing this, if you want anything else added to the Omelette like mushrooms, its best you begin to fry them now)

Add a drop of oil to your frying fan and turn heat on really low, allow the pan to heat up.

Then simply add your paste and let it cook. Remember the flip!

Get yourself two pieces of toast and a cup of coffee and relax with your Canna 'Omelette!
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