Do I have Bad Room Syndrome?

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The cause of inexplicable poor plant health and vigour may be a result of BRS.

Indoor air quality is lower than fresh outside air. Homes are filled with materials designed to resist fading, abrasion and time. Many of these materials emit toxic vapours at a low to very low concentration into the air.

Fresh paint / lead paint or solder / sealer, old or new carpet, flooring and other room fixtures may emit toxic vapours. These vapours are harmful to both plants and humans.

Newly installed flooring (especially fresh carpet) or wall panelling will often emit strong vapours for several weeks. The grower should vent the room thoroughly, remove the problem, or remove the plants.

(bhangman) The heat from HID lighting can cause linoleum to emit vapours

Grow rooms should (ideally) have most furniture and flooring removed prior to setting up. Inspect the corners of the room and closets for green or black mold. Occassionally, mold and mildew exists in the ducting. If possible, seal the central heating ducts.

Rooms with stagnant air are the most susceptible. Vapours will build up during 'lights off' when ventilation is low or off. Continuous or periodic ventilation will reduce the fumes considerably.

Other potential problems include: using 'non-fish-safe' silicone, pvc in irrigation, lead solder in old home plumbing, rotting insulation / asbestos, and fusarium wilt.

Note: given the numer of possible causes of poor plant health, growers should check all factors throughly. Pre-testing a room with houseplants might be a good precaution.
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