How do I make cannabis cooking oil?

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Contributed by: Forrest Plump
Submitted: January 3rd, 2005

This is how I make bud-oil (for cooking, not smoking).

1 - start with your trimings - throw those outer fan leaves away - just the closer trimmings of leaves with decent THC on them. You will be placing these in oil so make sure they are dry (think about how oil reacts with water...)

2 - Oil - you want flavorless cooking oil, vegetable or canola work fine (would you cook brownies in olive oil?)

3 - Place trimmings in crock pot, put oil in to ALMOST cover. Remember you have a fixed amount of THC in those leaves, the more oil you use the less potent it will be. Plus, this will be cooking for 12+ hours and as it does stir it once or twice and all the plant material will make it to the oil.

4 - Here she is after ~12 hours -> I have cooked for as long as 18 hours with no ill effect. This is just on "low" setting of crockpot. The room will get a nice grassy smell.

5 - extract through a colander - you don't need to worry about every little solid - just get the majority of it.

6 - Carefully pour into clean jars or whatever. Place in refrigerator to slow down oxidization. You could now use this for anything that calls for oil in the recipe.
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