Can you show me some plants grown entirely with CFLs?

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Throughout this FAQ, and in fact throughout most sources on the web you will see one sentiment echoed time and time again regarding Compact Flourescent Lighting (CFL)s. That is that they create small, leafy buds that ruin the plant's genetic yeild potential. This is just flat incorrect. The reason people make these statements about growing under CFLs is because people treated them the same way they treated HID lights and no one had perfected the technique. However, these days there are thousands of people growing incredible yeilds under CFLs entirely. The trick to CFLs is that you have to keep the lights really, really close to the plant (an inch or less) and you need to make sure that you don't let the plant grow larger than 20 inches high (unless you plan on using a LOT of CFLs).

Here's a random bagseed grown entirely under CFLs (375w Total). Indica Bagseed
Indica Bagseed
Indica Bagseed
Indica Bagseed

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