How do I clone in a Rainforest 242?

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Contributed by Highgrade:

You'll need 42 net pots with neoprene inserts.

-Cut the insert on one side to the hole in the middle to ease removing the rooted cuts without damaging the roots.

-Fill with distilled water to recomended level and add 4 ml per gallon of B'cuzz Root Stimulator.

-Take the cuttings using the normal proceedure, dip in a rooting gel (Clonex) and insert the cutting so the bottom protrudes approx. 1". Use a piece of cotton or makeup sponge to hold cut in place.

-Be sure there's a net pot in every hole to prevent light getting to the solution. Use a netcup with cover on any empty sites.

-Add a fully submersible aquarium heater set to 78f through one of the net pots to speed the rooting process up.

-Plug the unit in and run 24/7 until rooted, usually 6-10 days depending on strain. Top off the reservoir with distilled water as needed to maintain correct level.

DO NOT allow the roots to grow into the motor/mister or you WILL burn the motor up.
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