MisterIto's chemical nutrient formula

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Botanicare CalMag Plus: 5ml/gal, weeks 1-?
Botanicare Clearex: 15ml/gal, weeks 7-?
Dyna Pro-Tekt: 1ml/gal, used as ph up
Nitric acid: used as ph down
Genesis Formula Micro Base: 5-10ml/gal, weeks 1-?
Genesis Formula Grow 1: 5-10ml/gal, weeks 1-4
Genesis Formula Grow 2: 5ml/gal, weeks 1-2
Genesis Formula Bloom 3: 5-10ml/gal, weeks 3-6
GroTek Final Flush: 10ml/gal, weeks 7-?
3% Hydrogen peroxide: 30ml/gal, bi-weekly

To give a better picture of corresponding plant development, I will outline my typical crop timeline. The first two weeks consist of the clones or seedlings acclimating to their transplant to a General Hydroponics Aerolflo. At that point, they are usually 4-8 inches tall and are switched to a 12 hour dark period from the beginning of the third week after transplanting until they mature. I maintain my solution at 500-1000ppm, depending on growth stage. Young, established seedlings or rooted cuttings are started at 500-600ppm. The TDS is increased to 800-900ppm during peak vegetative growth. During the transition from early to heavy flowering, TDS is further raised to 1000ppm. It is then reduced to 400-500ppm during the final 2 weeks of flushing. I maintain my ph between 5 and 6, which requires little adjustment. I change my nutrient every two weeks.
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