How do I store my harvest to maintain quality?

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The Pump n Seal which was sold on TV was an excellent way to vacuum seal and reseal jars and other airtight containers. High Times advertises a device called "It Sucks" and looks to be the same thing. It is a small hand held vacuum pump which is placed over an adhesive tab that is placed over a small hole that is made in the lid or somewhere on your container and remove practically all atmospheric gases as is done with most food sold in glass jars. It cost under $30, which is cheap for the long term storage capabilities it provides. When you open a jar, the "swooshing" sound lets you know it works. "It Sucks" work with most glass jars, if they have a metal soft seal lid like canning jars.

After the harvest is cured and dry enough to create a snapping sound when stems are bent, the material is vacuum sealed in glass containers with a dessicant. Once the oxygen is removed from within them, the curing process and cannabinoid dterioration slows to a halt. The buds must remain dry, kept out of direct light, and the ambient temperature should be kept cool and constant. I prefer to keep the majority of the sealed jars in the refrigerator. Freezing in vacuum sealed glass containers is best for uninterrupted, long term storage. I keep "jars in use" in the cupboard to avoid humidity and temperature fluctuations that occur when you remove them from the refridgerator.
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