What chemical based fertilizer should I use?

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I highly recommend Genesis nutrients from Green Air Products. This 4 part product uses very high quality nutrient sources and is packaged concentrated to reduce shipping costs. This line lists the actual dissolved elemental ppm of your final solution, not just those misrepresentative N-P-K numbers as your only basis for determining elemental content.

Micro Base - nitrate based, chelated micronutrient solution. Also contains adequate N-P-K for general use. An excellent all around product for young clones or seedlings.

Part 1 - nitrate based grow solution. Calcium nitrate based for encouraging compact growth. Supplies high levels of calcium, magnesium and nitrate form nitrogen.

Part 2 - ammonium based grow solution. Ammonium nitrate based for rapid devolopment. Excellent for encouraging fast vegetative development and speeding up rejuvenation.

Part 3 - potassium based bloom solution. Potassium nitrate and potassium phosphate based for excellent burning properties. This product supplies high phosphorous levels.

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