What organic based fertilizer should I use?

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Botanicare Pure Blend Pro / Botanicare Pure Blend and Foxfarm Big Bloom, lines work excellent as complete nutrient sources, due to their vastly different formulations.

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro is mainly composed of fishmeal and sea bird guano. This product is well composted and ph stabilized. It comes in 2-1.5-4 for vegetative and 1.5-4-5 for flowering.

The regular Botanicare Pure Blend line is blood and bone meal, and earthworm castings based. It comes in 1-.5-1 for vegetative and .5-.5-1 for flowering.

Of course, both of these lines could be mixed to create transitional formulas.

Foxfarm Big Bloom is bat guano and earthworm castings based and offers a phosphorous boost in the final stages.

None of these products produce noticeable odor and they are all pH stable over the long term.

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