Can a megagarden be converted to Deep Water Culture (DWC)?

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Yes, it's very easy to convert a megagarden or similar self contained e&f systems to DWC.

A six site conversion

and a four site conversion

It's just a matter of building a cover plate and center support similar to the suspended planter ebb & flow method, only the tray portion of the system is discarded, allowing the roots to grow out, and into the aerated solution reservoir.

Plate dimensions for the megagarden are 21-3/8" x 21-3/8" with a corner radius of 1-1/4", the plate fits in the recessed area around the perimeter of the megagardens reservoir section.

The aerating action

Notice the longer center support tube. 2" pvc pipe was cut to 8-3/4" long.
For larger cover plates (not sitting in recess around lip of system) the center support should be cut to 9" long.

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