How do I make guano tea?

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I have a recipe for an organic tea fertilizer. I would suggest this when your leaves show signs of yellowing. It often means lack of N (nitrogen) and store bought chemical ferts don't always do the trick, plus they build up (salts) in the soil. Try this:

Put 2 cups of high-nitrogen bat or seabird guano (found at your local garden center or nursery) in the corner of a cloth bag, old pillowcases are perfect. Tie it in a knot around a stick and suspend it in a 5-gallon bucket of fresh (preferably distilled) water. It is now like a tea bag. Just shake the tea bag around several times a day. It should emit a dark secretion from the bag. After 2 days the water should be pretty dark. Take out the tea bag and dispose of it, or rinse it out to be reused. Use this dark water at a rate of 1-2 cups per gallon of fresh water and mix it up. This will give you a "tea" to water your plants with. Use it to water once, and then wait a few days to see if your plants like it.
You can use this high Nitrogen tea whenever your plants tell you they need it (yellowing leaves).

To make a bloom tea, use the same steps but replace the high-nitrogen guano with high-phosphorous guano.

To use these teas most effectively, start with my organic soil mix at the beginning of your grow. It will provide the essential nutrients for a long time before your girls tell you they need something, by showing symptoms of deficiency. You can also use either tea more frequently, according to the growth rate of your plants, to greatly increase growth rate and flowering.
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