When is the best time to repot my plant?

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When the time comes to repot it is good practice to time the repotting with your water cycle. Having the plant root ball moist to semi-dry does make it a lot easier to pop the root ball out of the existing planter. After the repot one should give the plant a thoroughly good watering of PH adjusted water with a drop of B1 (B1 is optional to reduce any stress). This ensures that all the soil has even moisture content with no dry patches thus promoting roots to easily migrate to new soil. If one finds they must repot and the root ball is very damp/wet they should pre-water soil on the bottom and sides of new planter. Then after transplanting a nice but not heavy watering to even out moisture content.

One technique that works well in repotting is to have an empty pot the same size as the one the plant to be repotted is in. Fill new planters up with slightly moistened new soil, insert empty pot and pack new soil around it. Now gently lift out empty pot and place root ball into new soil and water.
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