joe's seed germination technique (in rockwool)

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Seed germination in rockwool:

1. Get a jar ~500ml/16oz and fill with distilled water
2. Add a 2-3 drops of superthrive and shake
3. Get an aquarium pump and put an air stone in the jar to keep the water aerated
4. Drop in some seeds
5. Check seeds every 6 hours for cracking
6. Viable seeds will crack within 2-3 days at most
7. Pre-soak rockwool cubes with 1/4 strength Maxicrop solution
8. Gently place cracked seeds 1/8" deep in rockwool cubes
9. Stick a toothpick in next to seed hole and gently "lever" toward the seed to ensure it is in full contact with rockwool
10. Place cubes in tray and cover with humidity dome
11. Place under 2 4-foot shops lights
12. Remove dome once seeds sprout
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