How can I build my own bubbler?

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Building your own bubbler is easy! For notes on bucket size,please see the next section entitled "How large should my bucket/container be?".

To build each bubbler,you'll need a bucket with lid, some aquarium airline tubing, a dual outlet aquarium pump,an aqurium airstone, a 2 way fishpump gangvalve (or the T that came with the pump) and a 6" orchid pot (a net pot used in hydroponic cultivation found at hydroponic supply stores)

In the center of the bucket lid,cut a hole large enough that the net pot fits down into,yet small enough that the lip of the pot rests on top of the bucket (A sharp utility knife works great for cutting the hole).

Fill the pot with gro-rox or another brand of expanded clay pellets. In the side of bucket,just below the bottom of the lid,cut a small hole for the airline to fit through. (You can also cut the airline hole in the lid,but it will tend to get in the way when you need to take the lid off for changing the nutrients in the bucket)

Run the airline from your aquarium pump into your two way gangvalve and from your gangvalve (some pumps come with a "T" fitting...this can also be used) in through the hole you just cut on the side of the bucket and down into the bottom of the bucket.

Attach your airstone and thats it! You've just built your own bubbler! This is the most simplest of all hydroponic systems to build. You can build dozens in a day once you have purchased your materials.

See also the original bubbler article by highgrade.
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